The Challenge

Having asked 22 senior executives at The Daily Telegraph one simple question – what does The Daily Telegraph stand for? And getting more than 22 responses, our challenge was to reposition the brand and all of its products and communication messages both internally and externally to ensure there was one consistent answer only. This would guarantee that all of our efforts, whether they be from journalists, sales staff or marketers would lead to the achievement of one single goal, thus delivering maximum impact in the most cost efficient and effective way.

Key Consumer Insight

Sydney-siders are incredibly proud of their city, believing it’s the best place on earth to live, work and play.

Our Approach

Working collaboratively with editorial staff and other external agencies we developed and tested a new brand positioning and architecture, a core brand thought and reason to believe. We then went on to redesign the masthead and develop a cross platform, fully integrated communication programme that would reinforce the single brand idea…We’re for Sydney.

Real Business Results

The Daily Telegraph is recognized as Sydney’s leading media authority, often leading the news agenda, dominating the media landscape and increasing the gap to its nearest rivals. The work was so well received, that it was rolled out nationally across all other mastheads within the network, including the Herald Sun in Victoria and The Courier Mail in Queensland.