The Challenge

As digital technology turned the SLR camera market upside-down at the turn of the century, manufacturers Canon and Nikon got into a no win battle as to who could develop the biggest, fastest and best cameras, it was the battle of megapixels. Recognising that this was a futile battle, that had limited benefit to the consumer, Canon embarked upon the challenge of winning consumers’ hearts and minds, not just their minds.

Key Consumer Insight

Photographers ranging from soccer mums to professionals were looking to be inspired, learn a little more, be challenged and for a place where they could share their work with family and friends.

Our Approach

We decided to build a whole new inclusive community of photographers ranging from the most basic beginners to hard core professionals, based on the strategic pillars of learn, challenge, exhibit and connect. It started with a simple photographic competition, Photochains, where regular day photographers were asked to upload their own photos, choose an element of that photo to act as a link to the next photo and create an ever-lasting chain. What transpired was a social media phenomenon, a first of its kind, with 1,000’s of photos being uploaded and shared daily, and viewed millions of times.

Real Business Results

Canon EOS Photochains resulted in a +42% sales revenue increase year on year, translating into +54% incremental profit and a record high market share for the brand of 67%. The campaign also went on to win 8 Canne Lions in 2010, including the prestigious media grand prix.

Campaign created as part of a new form of social networking