About Us

With almost 20 years experience as a strategic consumer marketer David Goldman has a proven track record and a passion for doing things differently and challenging the norm, importantly resulting in commercial success.

David has worked for some of the world’s largest consumer organisations and most loved brands, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Canon and the world’s largest media organisation NewsCorp. During his time in these organisations he launched Coca-Cola to the Palestinian Authority, developed the New Tastes Menu at McDonald’s, set up the World of EOS for Canon which turned a fantastic profit and was recognised around the world with 8 Cannes Lions and led a team with editorial support to reposition and relaunch The Daily and Sunday Telegraphs.

It was these successes, and an identification of a gap in the market around the “virtual marketing department” which led David to pursue and develop Greensky Thinking where time-honoured strategic marketing skills are blended with passion for new and evolving digital media. David and his team provide medium size organisations with much needed senior strategic marketing resource on a retainer basis, for those businesses that cannot sustain it full time.

They also have a passion for developing much needed data-driven digital content marketing strategies, content plans and most importantly analyse the effectiveness of these in order to continually refine or redefine them to ensure their effectiveness. The result, usually a redistribution of marketing resource to ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness to marketing efforts.